The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution II (outdated)

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The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution II (outdated) Empty The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution II (outdated)

Post by Nord Belka on Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:11 am

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution II

We the Cats of Apocalypse Meow, in Order to form a more perfect Alliance, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Charter for a united Apocalypse Meow.

Section One: President of Cats

The President of Cats, hereby referred to as PoC, shall overlook all aspects of the alliance, assuring that duties are delegated to proper government officials and that tasks are being accomplished. This will include ensuring that all duties are tracked and progress reported to the government in general to assure effective communication and resolution to any situation is swift. Any proposals up for voting must first pass through the PoC. Even if the PoC doesn’t agree with the proposal, it shall be passed on to vote by the Council.

Section Two: Council of Cats

The Council shall be comprised of Cats who have been nominated by the alliance. An alliance vote of confidence shall be held for each council member on their 6 month anniversary of serving. These Council members may, at any warranted time, commence a vote of no confidence against the PoC. This vote shall be made by all four council members with ¾ in agreeance winning which will proceed to strip the PoC of power and immediately start an alliance vote for a new president.

Section Three: No Confidence

In the event the Council wins a vote of no confidence against the PoC, the alliance vote shall be based off nominees. Any member with good standing may be nominated by any Council member as long as the nominee has been in the alliance actively for at least 30 days. These 1-4 nominees will then be placed in a 24hr alliance wide vote, with majority candidate winning. In the event of a tie, the two tied candidates shall be on a re-vote for no longer than 24hrs.

The PoC may initiate a vote of no confidence against any Council member, at which time the  council members may vote aye or nay for removal. Selection will be in the same fashion as replacing the PoC.

Section Four: War Votes

The PoC has the power to declare war only with consent of ¾ or greater votes of the Council. This vote may not last longer than 24hrs depending on urgency.

Section Five: Treaty Votes

Treaties shall be presented to the entire Government for voting, receiving more than 50% of a Government vote passes. This vote shall last no longer than 24hrs.

First Amendment:
An interested nation shall change their Alliance Affiliation to Apocalypse Meow and then register on the (AM) forums and finally post up an application in the marked area. At this point, the new member is known as an Applicant and can be rejected during this period. If one is rejected, they are entitled to a full explanation. The Applicant may request the Enlistment Test at any time to become a full member. Upon receiving a passing grade on the test, the Applicant will be known as a full member with the rank of Private.

Second Amendment:
All Cats have the right to bear nuclear arms.

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1,297,573 Attacking + 1,766,269 Defending = 3,063,842 Casualties
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