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Application to join AM Empty Application to join AM

Post by Yatendouji on Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:02 pm

DISCLAIMER : I AM currently at war and have discussed this with Morphine and he told me to submit and application regardless of this fact.

Nation Name: Parabellum
Nation Ruler: Yatendouji
Nation url:

Why would you like to join Apocalypse Meow?:

I would like to join Apocalypse Meow because I respect the history of the alliance and the wars they have won. I am really active on cybernations but my previous alliance did not have many active players.

Have you read the charter? Do you agree to abide by it?:

Yes I have read the charter and abide by it. (Especially the part about nukes)

Do you have problems/debts with any nation or alliance? If so explain:

Not currently

How much time do you think you can be active on forums(hours,mins,etc.)?:

Around 7-8 hours if necessary.

Do you have any skills that you can offer the alliance(coding,graphics,etc.)?:

I am well versed in graphics design and I have decent knowledge of python.

Who recruited you (If Any)?:

Nobody I came here on my own accord after talking with Morphine.

Are you a spy and/or enemy agent?:

I am not.

Economical Questionnaire (Part of Application)

Do you have a Harbor and/or a foreign Ministry?: 
Yes I have both.

What resources do you have?:

Lumber & Marble

- Do you have full trades(5)?:

Yes I am in a complete trade circle in white team.

Are you in peace mode?:

I am not.

What is your current Infrastructure level?:

Very low I have just came out of a war.

How much tech do you have?:

A very little amount I just came out of war.

Do you know what tech deals are?:

Yes I have been doing tech deals since day 1.

- How many aid slots are you using?:

Currently 5

What is your current Defcon level?:

Currently 1

What is your current Threat level?:

Currently Severe
What is your current Tax Rate?:


Do you have Gov/Religion set to your populations desire?:

Yes I do.

If you have any Wonders, what are they? Just copy/paste:

Just the Federal Aid Commission

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Application to join AM Empty Re: Application to join AM

Post by Nord Belka on Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:03 pm

Welcome to Apocalypse Meow, Private!

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