Apocalypse Meow Service Ribbons

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Apocalypse Meow Service Ribbons

Post by Nord Belka on Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:59 pm

Alliance Accolades

Meritorious Achievement

Generals Commendation

12mil in Aid Given

24mil Aid Given

48mil Aid Given

75mil Aid Given

One Month Service

Two Month Service

Three Month Service

Six Month Service

One Year Service

Combat Service Ribbons

Full Defensive Slots

Full Defensive Slots II

Full Defensive Slots III

Full Defensive Slots IV

Warrior Cat Achievement

Nuked in Defense of AM

Nuked in Defense of AM Ten Times

Nuked in Defense of AM Twenty-Five Times

Nuked in Defense of AM Fifty Times

Anarchied in Defense of AM

Three Successful Raids

Conflict Ribbons

Operation Meowing Thunder


1,297,573 Attacking + 1,766,269 Defending = 3,063,842 Casualties

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