Apocalypse Meow Charter: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (outdated)

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Apocalypse Meow Charter: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (outdated) Empty Apocalypse Meow Charter: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (outdated)

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Apocalypse Meow Charter: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (outdated) Airbornecat2

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution


Apocalypse Meow (AM) is a fun, exciting and dynamic alliance based on the fact that all members are cats fighting during the current Vietnam conflict. This deployment has seen the best cats sent to defend world freedom and freedom to give candy to strangers. Remember, there is one item of gear that can be the difference between a live cat and a dead cat. Socks, cushion, sole, O.D. green.

Section I: How to join up

An interested nation shall change their Alliance Affiliation to Apocalypse Meow and then register on the (AM) forums and finally post up an application in the marked area. At this point, the new member is known as an Applicant and can be rejected during this period. If one is rejected, they are entitled to a full explanation. The Applicant may request the Enlistment Test at any time to become a full member. Upon receiving a passing grade on the test, the Applicant will be known as a full member with the rank of Private.

Section II: Framework and Function of Government

The Triumvirate

There shall be an executive triumvirate. This triumvirate must be in unanimous agreement in order for any resolutions to pass.

The Wild Card

There shall be a fourth member of the triumvirate. This member shall only be used when the triumvirate can not come to a unanimous decision. The decision of the wild card shall be law in such cases.

Section III: Policies and Customs

Government Appointments

The Triumvirate shall appoint all other government positions. They shall bring their appointments to the the members of the alliance. If a majority of the members accept, then the appointee shall receive the position. Polls shall last no longer than 72hrs.

In the case of needing to replace a Triumvirate member, the Triumvirate shall choose who will join their ranks. If there is no agreement then the Wild Card shall decide.


In order for a treaty to be finalized it must be approved by a majority of the alliance members via referendum. Final polls shall last no longer than 72hrs.

Tech Raiding

Members who wish to raid must always post up their requested target and await approval from a govt member before taking action. Anyone given a Raiding Card may raid at will. A Raiding Card is presented by the Trium to members who fully demonstrate that they know who and how to raid.

Tech Dealing

No AM member may tech deal with an unapproved seller/buyer alliance. Approved alliances to deal with will be posted clearly within alliance communications.

Section IV: Membership Requirements

Members must should have a Skype and be active in the community but absolutely must respond to in game messages promptly. New nations are expected to sell tech in a timely manner and conduct business with great effort to be on time. Members are to follow all government issued economic plans.

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